Goals & Core Components


Guided by a commitment to effective advocacy through deep collaboration and partnership between key constituents and change agents, (especially grassroots organizers, filmmakers, and media artists), Reels for Rights’ goals include:

1.    Improved distribution – to maximize existing channels and create new online and offline distribution and communication networks;
2.    Enhanced production – to increase the quality, quantity and diversity of media (e.g., documentary, journalistic, professional, participatory, organizational, campaign related, independent and movement based) media that can move the hearts and minds of the American people on economic and social rights; and
3.    Increased resources – to generate the means for enhanced production, and distribution which strengthens organizing and enables social justice media arts to better fuel the attainment of human rights for all.

Core Components

1.    National Festival Launch, New York City, December 2013.
2.    Traveling Festival, key locations, 2014.
3.    An Online Platform, 2013.
4.    Educational Materials, 2013.
5.    Network sharing (distributors, contributors, media makers and grassroots organizers), in progress